Skiing in Iceland

Last year I joined Northeast Mountaineering on their ski trip to Iceland... but I wasn't really much of a skier! This year I returned on skis!  It was an incredible trip with new and old friends, stunning landscapes and memories I'll hold close to my heart.  Our crew consisted of 5 talented skiers and outdoor professionals.  Corey Fitzgerald, guide and owner of NEM.  Brent Doscher, a talented outdoor photographer. David Lottman, a mountain guide and gear tester. Jerry Isaac, a guide and professor at SUNY Plattsburgh.  Erik Howes, an outdoor photographer and adventure seeker. I was stoked to be part of this!

I was lucky enough to get in front of Brent Doscher's lens on this trip!  Shooting with a photographer that I look up was awesome.  Thanks Brent for these epic shots below and check out his work here: