Gulf Hagas - Maine Highlands

I had the opportunity to explore a new part of my home state a few weeks ago!  Gulf Hagas, known as the "Grand Canyon of the East", is a gorge in central Maine.  It's unlike anything I've seen in this area and definitely worth checking out on your next trip up North.   You know you're getting close when the road turns to dirt and you're on miles and miles of logging roads!

Corey, Kaylie, Chris and Matt joined me for this adventure! We spent the afternoon exploring the Rim Trail, which leads you through winding forest trails to different view points of the gorge.  The river ford at the beginning of the hike was one of the best parts.  Our trip ended with the perfect campsite along the Pleasant River.  If you're looking to enjoy the quiet Maine woods, this is the place for you. Thank you Maine Highlands for another fantastic trip!  Make sure to head over to for more info on this beautiful part of Maine.