Thompson House Eatery - Farm and Family

Last week I went back to my favorite restaurant, the Thompson House Eatery in Jackson, NH.  I caught up with Tucker Gordon while he finished up his garden duties for the day, which included collecting arugula for a meal that evening.  It was fun to see the true farm-to-fork process.  It doesn't get any fresher than that!

One of the biggest things I wanted to share from this shoot was how the Thompson House Eatery values family.  From the restaurant, you can walk through a door and step into Kate and Jeff's home, which is part of the beautiful 1760's farmhouse.  They raise their two sweet boys there while also running the T.H.E., all within feet of each other. The cross over between work and family is beautiful.  After photographing Tucker in the garden, he went inside to get cleaned up for serving that night, but stopped in the yard to play with their son Rent.  During dinner prep, Jeff invited the boys in to help make that evening's dish, braised pork ravioli.  Bartender Tommy's dog was relaxing in the sun before his shift.  Kate and Jeff have created a community of people who are treated like family, and you can feel that when you walk through the doors to eat.  

For delicious farm to table food and a warm atmosphere built around family values, the Thompson House Eatery is the place to go in Jackson, NH.  Thanks for another fantastic shoot!