Terceira Island, Azores

What an incredible week in Terceira, Portugal!  Hannah and I were talking about taking a trip last year and she found an incredible deal on Travelzoo, so we booked it!  We flew out of Boston and in the morning we arrived on the island.  It was stunning - rolling hills with more cows than I've ever seen in my life.  The temperature was around 60-65 which was perfect. Throughout the trip we hiked, explored the cities, figured out public transit, went inside a volcano and indulged in some delicious Portuguese food.  We felt welcomed by the people and they were patient with us because of the language barrier.  What surprised us most was how affordable the trip was!  Being there in the "off season" gave us the ability to explore without crowds and see so much of the island.  I highly suggest taking a trip to this Terceira or any of the other ones in the Azores.